As a Life Coach, I’ve learned a lot of lessons and gained a lot of truth about the world in a quick period of time. And whether I am experiencing my own lessons and growth or mentoring others in their expansion, there’s one common denominator I have taken away over the years. It is this: we are all more alike than we are different.

We all go through ups and downs, highs and lows, times of feeling on top of the world and times of extreme insecurities, and are never done understanding ourselves in new ways.

clarity &
becoming empowered

Let’s say you feel unworthy (subconsciously or consciously) of that dream career you desire for example. If you feel nervous thinking about it or you have a lot of doubt about the idea of you being able to do it successfully, then you do not feel worthy of having it. Which will most likely lead to you sabotaging yourself in one way or another to keep yourself where you are.

Because the autopilot you’re on wants you to stay safe in the miserable known then to explore the unknown even if it would make you happier. It might be a painful experience but until you take a look at your patterns and connect dots with yourself in this area of career as an example, then you will keep experiencing the same scenarios and frustrations in a job time and time again.  

What has served me extremely well in life is realizing that it doesn’t need to always be on me to connect my dots and to see my patterns clearer. There are people you can work with that can point things out to help you open your eyes and make sense of it all. That can help you face (then release) the patterns so you can raise your worthiness levels no matter the topic. 

For so long I was the victim in my life. It felt like life was happening TO me and not FOR me as I repeated the same toxic loops in nearly every single area of my life (from money to career to friendships and romantic partners to weight/health/skin issues, etc.) And it kept me playing smaller than I wanted.

I always knew I was made for more and was meant to be lit up by life but for some reason I couldn’t seem to break free.

This is when I realized that nothing changes if nothing changes. And if you can’t figure out how to create the change you’re seeking on your own then it’s time to stop being so fiercely independent and ask for help from someone who can guide you. That’s when I decided to work with my first ever Life Coach myself. I quickly saw the massive benefits that a Life Coach can create in a very short period of time (compared to the years and years of therapy through Counseling I had been doing ever since I can remember).

In 3 months I had achieved every goal on my list that had been there for years and started to experience alignment in all areas of my life that allowed me to feel free. Suddenly, I was expanding into the empowered version of me that I always dreamed of becoming and shifted into this knowing that I was meant to guide others in this way too. 

don’t know what next?

Knowing the steps to take next to get to your end goal creates a feeling of being lost. It’s so common because implementation isn’t easy. You aren’t alone.

need 1 on 1 support?

We all need someone to keep us accountable and group coaching isn’t always enough. Having someone to light the fire in you is needed. We aren’t meant to go through the journey alone.

be forward focused.

Looking to the future is natural, but we’ve got to be focused on how to move forward in an empowering way and achieve the goals we set in career and business.